new release: resumè - expanded deluxe edition

"... The 'I Do What I Do' solo John Taylor single was released and did well in both the US and the UK. I did a lot of promotion for the song and learned a lot about myself. I wasn't a solo act. I could not carry the weight of the entire operation on my shoulders. I just didn't want it badly enough." — John Taylor


Strictly limited edition CD / T-shirt / postcard / badge / numbered certificate bundle from the notorious DD Fan Club.

CD Cover   certificate   postcard

1: Dance For Freedom
2: New Work #1
3: I Do What I Do (Theme For 9 1/2 Weeks)
4: music for an untitled movie
5: music for an untitled movie
6: music for an untitled movie
7: Shine On
8: Divisions
9: Tell Me All You Know

Bonus tracks:
10: I Do What I Do (7" version)
11: Jazz (instrumental)
12: I Do What I Do (film stereo mix) featuring Lisa Dal Bello
13: Dance For Freedom (alt master)
14: I Do What I Do (the final cut)
+ hidden track

Street date - 19 March 2018

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new compilation: unleashed

"When the juggernaut that is a new album release commences, it is sometimes difficult to stand back and take a look at what is happening around you. Best intentions and plans often get reworked or refocused. Sometimes a song doesn't do as well in the public eye as originally hoped for. Sometimes a new opportunity presents itself and a single is dropped, or reworked."

This year the notorious DD Fan Club label to unleash long-awaited limited edition compilation CD jam-packed with authentic remixes from the original multi-track stubs, culled from studios around the world. Strictly limited custom numbered edition CD (professionally mastered (using lossless source material) and manufactured) to top up your collection of Duran Duran never released material.


01. Soundburst Test
02. What Happens Tomorrow (Jiggy Joint Remix)
03. Serious (7” Remix)
04. Someone Else Not Me (Peter’s Honor Radio Mix)
05. Falling Down (Extended Version)
06. Regret No More, John!
007. A View To A Kill (12” Remix)
08. Electric Barbarella (StoneBridge Radio Edit)
09. (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (Justin Strauss Mix)
10. Serious (7” House Mix)
11. All She Wants Is (Big Bottom Dance Remix)
12. Perfect Day (Abbey Road Dry Vocals Mix)
13. Too Much Information (Dub Mix)
14. Electric Barbarella (Electric Sex Mix)
15. All She Wants Is (Restless Natives Version)
16. Rio (Enrapture Instrumental Mix)
17. Tomorrow Never Dies (Demo)

Street date - 27 October 2014

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koishii & hush - "c'est tout est noir" featuring john taylor

Koishii & Hush released their new single "C'est Tout Est Noir" in a striking collaboration with none other than Duran Duran’s John Taylor, on January 8, 2013. The track is the first single to be lifted from their forthcoming album 'Odyssey', which is slated for a 2013 release.

As a founding member of Duran Duran, John Taylor has given us some of the most iconic songs of all time. With 100 million records sold, 14 UK Top 10 singles and 21 Billboard Top 100 singles to their name, Duran Duran have always had the ability to sound fresh and this is reflected in "C'est Tout Est Noir", but this time around John takes on the roles of both lyricist and vocalist to great effect.

"I was asked by the trance duo Koishii and Hush to apply a little vocalizing to a dark and tender groove they had been working on. Vocals are not my main gig but I approached it as a follow up to 'I Do What I Do', the love song I had contributed to the 'Nine 1/2 Weeks' soundtrack back in the day. What was I thinking when I listen to the new track? For some reason, Les Crane's 'Desiderata' came into my mind ('Go placidly amidst the noise and haste..') IN FRENCH.. I must have been missing Paris. 'C'est Tout est Noir' - 'Everything Is Black', is how I translate it, but I'm sure there could be a few variations. Enjoy." - John

Koishii & Hush (Simon Langford & Alex Sowyrda), the production team hailing from both the UK and Canada has teamed up with John to bring 2013 a brand new sound. Somewhat soulful, a little sensitive, and definitely catchy. "C’est Tout Est Noir" is a genuine blend of pop and electronic, combining the best of both worlds. This release comes with three mixes.


Original Mix
Vettenetter Remix
Nat Monday Vocal Remix

Koishii & Hush Online

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