How many bands can you think of that, decades into their career, are still capable of springing surprises, of blazing fresh trails, creating new music that is up there with the imperishable songs that first propelled them to fame, fortune and critical acclaim? It’s an interesting exercise, and a brief one – a list you can make on the fingers of one hand. In 2015, Duran Duran will cement their place in that illustrious grouping with a new studio album – their 14th, no less – that burnishes their role in the story of pop, and puts the many young pretenders whose music they have influenced firmly in their place. As part of a major new recording deal with Warner Bros. Records, Paper Gods starts the next chapter in the history of the band, with a host of A-list collaborators – including Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson, Mr Hudson, Janelle Monae, John Frusciante, Kiesza and Davide Rossi – joining the party. “We found a whole new level of inspiration on this album,” says the band’s keyboardist and aesthetic overlord, Nick Rhodes. “We were talking the other day about artists that have been around for a long time – our contemporaries and some older ones, and there’s only a handful of the latter now, still out there playing shows. And we were saying, ‘What albums did they make this far down the line that we own?’ And that was a difficult one.”

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  Look now, look all around

Justin Thomas - KINGS OF THE DARK MOON. DURAN DURAN 1981/83 PB: Hanging Around Books • HA009 (UK 2017) [ltd edn of 250]
Duran Duran - LAST NIGHT IN THE CITY (FEAT. KIESZA) (THE REMIXES) 4xFile, WAV: Warner Bros. • 10 March 2017
Duran Duran - WHITE LINES (DON'T DO IT) CD5: Parlophone • 7243 8 82193 2 7 (Holland 1995) [card ps]
Duran Duran - LAST NIGHT IN THE CITY (REMIXES) CD: DD Fan Club • DPRO-29802-2 (US 2016) [w/postcard]

The Ting Tings - WRONG CLUB CD-R: Finca • ?? (UK 2014) [produced/engineered/mixed by Andy Taylor]
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Duran Duran - THE SINGLES 81-85 3CD: Parlophone/Warner Music Group • WPCR-17810/2 (Japan 2017)
Duran Duran - THANKSGIVING LIVE AT PLEASURE ISLAND CD: Culture Factory • CFU01140 (US 2017) [HDCD]

Duran Duran - EXTRA CUTS CD: DD Fan Club • DPRO-29805-2 (UK 2017) [w/12-pg lyrics booklet; postcard]
Duran Duran - LIVE IN TOKYO 1982 CD: Wardour • Wardour-236 (Singapore 2017) [#260]
Duran Duran - A DIAMOND EXPLODES CD: Disc Makers • MAK1312 (US 2017) [front insert only]
Duran Duran - DURAN DURAN CD: Andrey Records • 0777 7 98876 2 0 G (Russia ????)
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VA - ON THE EDGE. SHOW #96-32 CD: Westwood One • ?? (US 1996) [company sleeve; w/Neurotic Outsiders & Duran Duran]
Neurotic Outsiders - NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS CD: TUSK/WEA/Maverick • WICD 5236 (South Africa 1996)
Enter & Fall - BREAKING OUT EP CD: Emmo.Biz • EAF04 (Germany 2015) [digipak ps; w/'The Wild Boys 2015' cover]
Eagles Of Death Metal - ZIPPER DOWN CD: T-Boy/UMe • B0023437-02 (US 2015) [w/'Save A Prayer' cover]
Anna Ross - FIRST DAY CD: ?? • ?? (UK 2017) [signed! w/'First Day' (John Taylor & Charles Scott IV Remix)]
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Neurotic Outsiders - NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS MC: Warner Music Poland • 0630-15536-4 (Poland 1997)

  Concert tickets / ticket stubs wanted

stubs wanted We are obsessively looking to buy and/or trade concert ticket stubs from any Duran Duran concert dates including the solo project concerts of John Taylor, Neurotic Outsiders, Terroristen, Andy Taylor, The Power Station, Warren Cuccurullo and his early band Missing Persons, and of course The Devils. Please feel free to e-mail us us if you are willing to part with some of your ticket stubs, to send them to the very right place on Planet Earth!

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