How many bands can you think of that, decades into their career, are still capable of springing surprises, of blazing fresh trails, creating new music that is up there with the imperishable songs that first propelled them to fame, fortune and critical acclaim? It’s an interesting exercise, and a brief one – a list you can make on the fingers of one hand. In 2015, Duran Duran will cement their place in that illustrious grouping with a new studio album – their 14th, no less – that burnishes their role in the story of pop, and puts the many young pretenders whose music they have influenced firmly in their place. As part of a major new recording deal with Warner Bros. Records, Paper Gods starts the next chapter in the history of the band, with a host of A-list collaborators – including Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson, Mr Hudson, Janelle Monae, John Frusciante, Kiesza and Davide Rossi – joining the party.

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  Look now, look all around

Nick Rhodes - BEI UNCUBI HB: The Vinyl Factory • ISBN 978-0-9573914-6-8 (UK 2020) [#059 w/signed print & 7" single]
Duran Duran - B.B.C. ROCK HOUR - #502 LP: London Wavelength • BC 84-2 (US 1984) [Version 'A'; w/cue sheet]
Duran Duran - DREAMING OF YOUR CARS. 1979 DEMOS PART 2 EP CD: Cleopatra • CLO 1666 (US 2020)
Ian Little & DJ Jon - TIGER TIGER EP CD5: WhiteLab Music • WLM0032 (UK 2020) [digipak ps]
Andy Taylor - THUNDER (2008 RE-RELEASE) CD: DD Fan Club • 32XD-29781-2 (Japan 2020) [w/infor sheet; different matrix no.]
Andy Taylor - NOBODY'S BUSINESS CD: DD Fan Club • DPRO-29818-2-2 (UK 2020)
Andy Taylor - NOBODY'S BUSINESS 2CD (COLLECTOR'S EDITION) 2CD: DD Fan Club • DPRO-29818-2 (UK 2020) [w/12-pg booklet, postcard]
Duran Duran - BIG LIVE THING DVD: DD Fan Club • DPRO-29817-9 (UK 2020) [re-issue]
Duran Duran - BIG LIVE THING CD/DVD: DD Fan Club • DPRO-29817-2 / DPRO-29817-9 (UK 2020) [re-issue; w/insert]
Duran Duran - THE BEST OF DURAN DURAN - 1984 VOL. 2 MC: MAX • MAX 1623 (Indonesia 198?)

  Concert tickets / ticket stubs wanted

stubs wanted We are obsessively looking to buy and/or trade concert ticket stubs from any Duran Duran concert dates including the solo project concerts of John Taylor, Neurotic Outsiders, Terroristen, Andy Taylor, The Power Station, Warren Cuccurullo and his early band Missing Persons, and of course The Devils. Please feel free to e-mail us us if you are willing to part with some of your ticket stubs, to send them to the very right place on Planet Earth!