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Duran Duran - I DON'T WANT YOUR LOVE CD3: Toshiba-EMI XP12-5002 CD YOUR1 (Japan 1988) [promo sample]
Duran Duran - ALL SHE WANTS IS CD3: Toshiba-EMI XP12-5006 (Japan 1988) [promo sample]
Duran Duran - VIOLENCE OF SUMMER CD3: Toshiba-EMI TODP-2185 (Japan 1990) [promo sample]
Duran Duran - SERIOUS CD3: Toshiba-EMI TODP-2215 (Japan 1990)
Duran Duran - ORDINARY WORLD CD3: Toshiba-EMI TODP-2368 (Japan 1993) [promo sample]
Duran Duran - NONE OF THE ABOVE CD3: Toshiba-EMI TODP-2452 (Japan 1993) [promo sample]
Duran Duran - WHITE LINES CD3: Toshiba-EMI TODP-2461 (Japan 1995) [promo sample]

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