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Singles Box 2

box set press release : July 7, 2004

EMI Records new release

Release date: 13 September 2004

EMI are very pleased to announce the release of Duran Duran's second Singles Box Set, on September 13, this time covering the band's career from 1986 1995.

The box features all of the tracks from the original UK 7" singles plus a host of 'bonus' tracks taken from the 12" versions, many of which are available for the first time on CD.

The second half of Duran Duran's career with EMI produced an incredibly strong and influential body of work, with stand-out singles which equaled the huge success of any of their earlier work, and quickly became big favorites that are still making an impact today.

Highlights on this box set include 'Notorious' which hit the No.7 spot in 1986 and proved to be a massive live thriller, here with it's extended 12" mixes, a reminder of Duran Duran's resurgent love affair with the mixing desks in today's clubs such as Trash and Nag Nag Nag.

Also featured are the spine-tingling 'Ordinary World' which announced the astonishing reinvention of the band, (later to enjoy success with dance band Aurora) and 'Come Undone', both of which saw the band storm back into the charts with a more rounded, lush sound, coupled with extremely accomplished songwriting on the Wedding Album in 1993.

Not to be missed on this box set, is the super-sexy 'All She Wants Is', boasting the filthiest synth riff to dare to grace the Top Ten in 1988.

Duran Duran also turned the tables on their idols with the Thank You album in 1995, spawning two memorable singles Grandmaster Flash's 'White Lines' and Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day', both of which are featured in this box set.

Like the first Singles Box Set '81 '85' released last year, this second installment will take the form of a flip top box with CDs in individual pouchettes reflecting the original single artwork, and include a pull out poster.

With the five original members of Duran Duran back together, this last year has seen the band's musical heritage and influence acknowledged throughout the world, with accolades such as the Lifetime Achievement Award at both the Brits and the MTV Music Awards. Their recent 17 sell-out Arena shows in the UK, also speak volumes about their status today, and the anticipation for their brand new album makes it one of the most talked about releases scheduled in the music calendar.


Box 2 CD One

1. Notorious (45 Mix)
2. Winter Marches On
3. Notorious (Extended Mix)
4. Notorious (Latin Rascals Mix)
5. Skin Trade (Radio Cut)
6. We Need You
7. Skin Trade (Stretch Mix)
8. Skin Trade (Album version)
9. Meet El Presidente (7" Remix)
10. Vertigo (Do The Demolition)
11. Meet El Presidente (Extended)
12. Meet El Presidente (Meet El Beat)
13. I Don't Want Your Love (7" Mix)
14. I Don't Want Your Love (Album version)
15. I Don't Want Your Love (Big Mix)

Box 2 CD Two

1. All She Wants Is (45 Mix)
2. I Believe/All I Need To Know
3. All She Wants Is (US Master Mix)
4. All She Wants Is (Euro Dub Mix)
5. Skin Trade (Parisian Mix)
6. Do You Believe In Shame?
7. The Krush Brothers LSD Edit
8. God (London)
9. This Is How A Road Gets Made
10. Palomino (Edit)
11. Drug (Original Version)
12. Notorious (live Ahoy Rotterdam '87)
13. Burning The Ground
14. Decadance
15. Decadance (2 Risk E Remix 12")
16. Violence Of Summer (7" Mix)
17. Violence Of Summer (The Story Mix)

Box 2 CD Three

1. Violence Of Summer (Power Mix)
2. Violence Of Summer (Album version)
3. Violence Of Summer (The Rock Mix)
4. Violence Of Summer (The Dub Sound...)
5. Violence Of Summer (Power Cutdown)
6. Throb
7. Serious (Single version)
8. Yo Bad Azizi
9. Water Babies
10. All Along The Water
11. Ordinary World (Single version)
12. My Antarctica
13. Ordinary World
14. Save A Prayer (Single version)
15. Skin Trade
16. The Reflex (7" version)
17. Hungry Like The Wolf
18. Girls On Film

Box 2 CD Four

1. Come Undone (Edit)
2. Ordinary World (Acoustic version)
3. Come Undone (FGI Thumpin' 12")
4. Come Undone (La Fin De Siecle)
5. Come Undone (12" Mix Comin' Together)
6. Come Undone (Album version)
7. Rio (Album version)
8. Is There Something I Should Know?
9. A View To A Kill
10. Too Much Information (Album version)
11. Come Undone
12. Notorious (live)
13. Too Much Information (Ben Chapman 12" Mix)
14. Drowning Man (D:Ream 12" mix)

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Box 2 CD Five

1. Drowning Man (Ambient Mix)
2. Too Much Information (Ben Chapman Inst Dub)
3. Too Much Information (Deptford Dub)
4. Too Much Information (Album version edit)
5. Come Undone (12" Mix Comin' Together)
6. Perfect Day
7. Femme Fatale (Alternative Mix)
8. Love Voodoo
9. The Needle And The Damage Done
10. 911 Is A Joke
11. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
12. Perfect Day (Acoustic version)

Box 2 CD Six

1. White Lines (Album version)
2. Save A Prayer (Single version)
3. None Of The Above (Drizabone mix)
4. White Lines (70's Club Mix)
5. White Lines (Oakland Fonk Mix)
6. White Lines (Junior Vasquez Mix)
7. Ordinary World (Acoustic S Mayo Show)

  the singles box 2 1986-1995 8 track sampler

8 Track Sampler

1. Notorious (45 Mix)
2. Skin Trade (Radio Cut)
3. I Don't Want Your Love (7" Mix)
4. Do You Believe In Shame?
5. Decadance (2 Risk E Remix 12")
6. Ordinary World (Acoustic version)
7. Come Undone (Live)
8. Femme Fatale (Alternative Mix)

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