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Resume CD

by Louisa Eastman, Firedancer Editor

John Taylor / Jonathan Elias : Resume

Did the duranies and John Taylor fans out there know that JT took piano lessons in 1985 and 1986? Something JT had always wanted to do. He became quite good at it and caught the attention of classical music conductor/producer Jonathan Elias. Together they ended up producing JT's first solo hit "I Do What I Do" for the movie 9 1/2 Weeks. Jonathan was cleaning out his music cupboards and came across more of the sessions and asked JT if he would like to hear them. They are fabulous. Very melodic and different from much of JT's other melodies. Yes the piano playing on them is really John and he did a lot of the bass work as well! He also sings on the album. His voice is like David Bowie's and in my opinion even better than his voice now.

Jonathan having a classical background brought an extra dimension to the pop music that John put out at that time. It is similar to the soundscape music that you hear today but even better. I feel that if this album were to be picked up by a major label it would sell like hotcakes so to speak!

I think it is the best thing JT has put out in years and I'm glad that he and Jonathan have resurrected this for us!! 5 stars out of 5! Actually I would give it more but the meaning would be lost. It truly is a great piece. I recommend that everyone buy it. Duran Duran fans, JT fans, and fans of interesting music in general.

  track listing

1. Dance For Freedom
2. New Work #1
3. I Do What I Do
4-6. Music For An Untitled Movie
7. Shine On
8. Divisions
9. Tell Me All You Know

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