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as reviewed by Candace Daneau

Pop Trash CD

Nearly 2 1/2 years after their last release, (Medazzaland), pop music's favorite plaything has brewed up another recipe for sound soup. Sounding nothing like anything they've done before, one could say that the ever-evolving Duran butterfly has once again ripped the silk strands of the cocoon away to reveal a new pattern. In a soundtrack for the new millennium, with titles such as 'Playing with Uranium' and 'Mars Meets Venus', Duran casts off their old attire and tries something new on for size. What they pull off the rack is an eclectic ensemble of pop music's proven past and heady future.

With this solid blueprint for success, and a new record label, this newest work from Duran promises higher visibility and widespread recognition from today's popular music buying masses than experienced with Medazzaland.

Someone Else Not Me. Le Bon's voice rings true to form and infuses the music behind it with his uniquely familiar quality and emotion. The vocals allow you to feel the maturity and selflessness of this song; the hardest thing is to let go /but it's not defeat /when you set somebody free /and I know you're meant to be yourself with someone else not me; while the music rebelliously withholds. This give and take of vocals and instrumentation trends through the entire work, leaving you wanting for more.

Lava Lamp. Leading in with an ethereal sound reminiscent of the track's namesake, the whispering vocals bring you through a snappy, foot-tapping tune. The lyrics are married to the music with a positive upwards flow; in the half light of the evening /I can almost see you glow /I can tell by the way you're moving /the time may be right to let you know.

Playing With Uranium. Surrealistic warning sounds ring out over the background of a steady beat. The vocals mirror that sort of hesitant warning felt as he cautions, we go undiscovered /cause people are callous /one way or another /they'll never forget us.

Hallucinating Elvis. One of the highlights of the CD, (I have to admit that even though the title put me off at first I found myself turning the volume up - way up - on this one), Hallucinating Elvis is destined to be a dance club favorite, not to mention the killer hook that sticks in your brain the likes of which we haven't heard from Duran since 'Girls on Film'. I was Hallucinating Elvis /Hawaii to Las Vegas /special treatment all the way.

I'm Starting To Remember. How to begin /do I shed skin /now that I'm starting to remember. The melodic, tunneling voice distortion aids the flow of the song. This, along with the acoustic guitar and piano sounds make this track somewhat 'Beatle-esque' in nature.

Pop Trash Movie. The upbeat music betrays the seemingly resigned to fate lyrics, though not lacking the element of hope we all keep alive. I'll wait in the wings for you /I'll read your lines to you /but now the script is final /you know it's time to go /so we'll have to say goodbye. Likening life to a 'celluloid dream' the epic like build-ups play on the movie theme as if it were part of life's musical montage.

Mars Meets Venus. The music is reminiscent of a speeding locomotive with the lights flashing in as you cruise along driving its life-advice point home. Someone is perfect for you /do you wanna bet your life you're gonna be perfect for them too. Another one for the dance charts. Though one has to wonder if someone read 'Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus' before they wrote this - I have never read it myself.

Lady Xanax. Xanax is an anti-anxiety drug, sometimes used to come down off a high and it parallels the story of the song about someone coming down off the high life. The cracks in your make up are starting to show /don't think that you realize how far away you go /now look into the future and don't be afraid. The lingering music drags you down into the spiral of the realization that no one can be on top of the world forever.

The Sun Doesn't Shine Forever. You and I /got to hold on together /cause in this life /baby the sun doesn't shine forever. A solid, basic guitar flows over the vocals and slides you through the song as you feel the sun set.

Last Day On Earth. Kick ass. In my opinion the best song on the CD. The off time beat and guitar shakes you up as the vocals throb inside your chest. You can actually feel the sweat bead on your brow as you do your best Jennifer Beals impersonation (for you youngin's out there - rent Flashdance). Did I mention this song is kick ass? Asking What would you do if there was no tomorrow? LeBon, Cuccurullo and Rhodes would probably answer, "We'll keep making music, thank you". Proving once again that Duran were not just pretty boys with toys but musicians with the drive to last into tomorrow, even if there wasn't one.

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