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Out Of My Mind

by Louisa Eastman, Firedancer Editor

Out Of My Mind
from The Saint soundtrack

I separated this song out because it really deserves to be looked at beyond the Saint Soundtrack. While "Out Of My Mind" will be coming out on the upcoming Medazzaland, the band has no more plans for the song. The video does not do this song justice, but a review of the video follows. This is the first single we have had from Duran since the Thank You album and the first original material since 1993. Simon is still a poetic demi-god as many of his most devoted like to call him. He really has outdone himself on this single. It is beautiful, melodic, and haunting. I liked it from the minute I heard it, no matter how much I may not have wanted to. Why wouldn't I want to like it? To be honest, I am a JT fan, and there is no bass in this song. I do know that what little bass track there is Warren filled in, but it is still missing that decided John quality; not to mention John's vitality and energetic rock edge. The keyboard work is fantastic, Nick out did himself as well. I feel that the song has a little bit of a goodbye to JT as well, perhaps I am sentimental, but I have spoken with other very diehard fans who have agreed with me. If you think of this as a eulogy to John's work with Duran, then it makes it that much more sad and haunting. I really do like it a lot more than I expected.

rating: Seven Dancing Ferrets - I give it a 7 out of 10 stars.

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