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Out Of My Mind

by Kathryn Morgan, Firedancer Associate Editor

Out Of My Mind
double CD single pack

This single was sold in Europe and Japan, and although it is now out of print, one or both of the CD singles are available through various dealers and importers.

Out Of My Mind CD single

This 2 CD set offers us the first chance to hear some of the tracks from Duran's upcoming album, Medazzaland. The first disc does a good job of showcasing some of the latest things Duran has been doing in the studio. Out Of My Mind (OOMM) is a good song, showing that Simon is still an excellent poet. However, the production (guitars programmed through a synthesizer, various samples and added effects in the background) makes it sound very sterile, as if Simon recorded the vocal in one room and everything else was done via synthesizer. Silva Halo reminds me of Secret Oktober in that it has a similar moody, esoteric feeling to it. It's not hard to start hearing the lyrics to Secret Oktober in your head as you listen to it. However, I must point out that Silva Halo is heavy on samples and feedback that litter the background of the song unnecessarily.

For those of you (like me) who wish Duran would put out some good dance tracks again, Sinner or Saint might be more to your liking. Sinner or Saint is one of the tracks on Medazzaland to feature John Taylor but will only remain a b-side, it is not on the upcoming album. The lack of a permanent rhythm section in Duran will certainly be missed, as this is the most vibrant song on the CD. Some people may find that Sinner or Saint tends to be grating and annoying the more they hear it. Although the lyrics aren't the greatest, the song is quite catchy and the music is good and upbeat. The last track is the Electric Remix of Out of My Mind, and the main difference seems to be that there are some different samples in the background. There is not much to distinguish this from the album version of OOMM that is on the same disc.

This disc seems to be a good representation of the new direction that Duran is going in. If you like the selections on this disc, Medazzaland will probably really thrill you. However, I'm not that enthusiastic about any of these songs. It's hard to tell where the real musicians (and their contributions) are when they are buried under layers of samples, sequencers, and the other effects added when the songs were mixed. There's nothing wrong with using the latest techniques and new technology. However, there needs to be a balance between using it well and using it so much that it overwhelms the songs. The songs on this disc too often fall into the second category. If you are desperate to hear some new Duran songs and can't wait until the album comes out, then you may want to buy this. Collectors may want this because it is no longer in print. I think it's an interesting collectible, but not a must-have, especially since all the songs will be on Medazzaland.

Out Of My Mind mixes

The second disc brings to mind the question: How many remixes of a song do you need? Personally, I'm not a fan of remixes. I don't find most of them particularly interesting or necessary. I have never understood why Duran has become so enamoured with them that they feel the need to produce so many for each song. There are six mixes of OOMM included on these two discs, and I wouldn't be surprised if more remixes of it surface later on. However, none of the remixes on the second disc stand out. The Perfecto Radio Edit is a bit more energetic than any of the other mixes, because it has a harder, more techno sound to it. The Perfecto Mix sounds similar to the album version on the first disc, with longer instrumental sections. The Perfecto Instrumental and Perfecto Dub 1 mixes (the third and fourth tracks) are both instrumental, so they do make nice background music. If you like OOMM, or are a fan of remixes, then the second disc of mixes is definitely something you should have. Other than that, the second disc is only essential for collectors and people who to own everything Duran-related.

rating: overall, I'd give the double CD set a 7.5 on a scale of 1-10.

  track listing
part one | the single

Out of My Mind (Album version)
Silva Halo
Sinner or Saint
Out of My Mind (Electric Remix)

part two | the mixes

Out Of My Mind (Perfecto Radio Edit)
Out Of My Mind (Perfecto Mix)
Out Of My Mind (Perfecto Instrumental)
Out Of My Mind (Perfecto Dub)

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