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Feelings Are Good And Other Lies CD

by Louisa Eastman, Firedancer Editor

Feelings Are Good And Other Lies (FAGAOL)

When I first reviewed this cd I didn't like it. I felt that it was amateurish and for a man that has been in the music industry for almost 20 years, the album did not live up to my standards and ideas of what John Taylor should put out. However, that was then, this is now. In truth, the album grows on you quite a bit and if you put aside what John has done in the past, and look at it as a whole new artist just starting out, it takes on a whole new life. There are still some songs that I don't like, but I can appreciate better what JT was trying to accomplish. I feel that each song needs to be looked at individually as this was a highly intense period in JT's creative process, each song in turn is as individual as the ideas he is trying to put forth. Fellow Neurotic Outsider Steve Jones helped a bit with this album and also helped shape a lot of how JT has chosen to deal with his subject material. Along with other talented musicians he has put together one of the more innovative alternative albums out there, however in a side note, I still think this album should be subtitled - Therapy: The Album.

1. Feelings R Good. Known to many from Neurotic Outsider shows and their album, this is a very different version, a little different musically but the biggest difference comes with the feeling that he has put into this song. This song has a great deal of merit in what JT is trying to say and what he wishes to share with his audience.

2. Don't Talk Much. This is a great combination of Alternative and Pop showing the influence of Grundge rock just a little. It has the potential to be a really cool hit. I like it.

3. 2:03. Take a look at the counter, the song is exactly 2 minutes and 3 seconds, amazing. I do not like this song as it is primal scream therapy for John. Perhaps if he is looking for his God he should go to a Church, it does not matter of what faith, or a Temple, or even nature, just don't complain about it to me.

4. Everyone Is Getting It But Me. Now here is a song that lyrically is funny. JT literally is talking about not getting sex. Musically it is pure genius. It has a terrific pop/funk beat. Very danceable, he could have a nice alternative hit on his hands.

5. Always Wrong. Again not as cool as the NO version, but more telling. I like this song no matter where I hear it. I really hope he releases it either with NO or solo. I think it is tres cool.

6. Look Homeward Angel. Now if I complained that this was written about his soon to be ex-wife, I would have to discount all the songs on the same merit. However, I dislike this song simply because it is lame. It has no value except so JT could work out a few things. I hope it worked but knowing JT probably not.

7. Losing You. This song is the complete antithesis of Look Homeward Angel. JT is poetic, romantic, caring, and that is just the lyrics. It is incredible piece of music and poetry married into a great love song. If he were to release a ballad, I would use this. I have not met a single person who disliked this song.

8. See You Again. A nice song, alternative without trying to be industrial. A nice change of pace compared to many bands today.

9. Down Again. This is a song about Manic Depression. Who knew that JT suffered from such a crippling disorder? However, this has a real upbeat sound to it. NO has played this at a few of their live shows. It is excellent live! The album version is a little more subdued but definitely worth a listen to.

10. Girl Raw. For all those that wondered what happened between Renee and JT, this is the answer. It is basically an apology to Renee for JT treating her badly. Very nice, reminiscent of Guns 'n' Roses' "So Fine" (written by Duff McKagan). Not quite as pretty or poetic as So Fine, but it is nice to see that JT is coming to peace with a difficult period in his life.

11. Hole In The Mud. Reminiscent of bizarre Beatles experimentation while doing drugs. "I am the Walrus" and the Yellow Submarine years. Not very good and better left off this album.

12. Trust The Process. A song that really grows on you. Aside from the guitar squeaking really an excellent song musically. Lyrically he falls a little short as often is the case on this album, but over an excellent tune.

13. The hidden track: Encore For Bean. Aka "Full Moon Over Atlanta" - I like JT and Atlanta is the cutest but this is a bit much to put on an album. Too much sharing.

Ok, now that you know my opinions on the songs, what do I think of the album? Well, it is still a little shaky compared to how many years he has been in the music industry, but it is alternative, grungy and a little pop all at the same time. All in all I like it and think it is worth the price. I give it 8 stars out of 10!

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