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Electric Barbarella video

by Kathryn Morgan,
Firedancer Associate Editor

Electric Barbarella Video

Note: this video available as a CD-Rom track on the Electric Barbarella CD single.

This is the director's cut of the video for EB. Essentially, the plot has the band buying a lifelike, remote-controlled doll that they take home and play with. And what a wonderful doll it is-she cooks, cleans, and does housework. But still manages to look pretty doing it, since the band has taken the time to dress her up and put on her makeup. Nick, Simon, and Warren enjoy her so much they start fighting over the doll's remote control. The doll goes haywire near the end and rebels, but seems to be fine once she gets some new batteries.

Many people, including the staff of FireDancer, feel that this video is sexist. Other people who have seen this video feel that it is incredibly funny and not meant to be taken seriously. Personally, I think that it makes the band look like sleazy, dirty old men lusting after a much younger, and less powerful, woman. Whatever your opinion of the content of this video, what makes a video good or bad is if it serves its intended purpose. The purpose of any music video is to promote the song, and to make people aware of a band's new album and/or single. If this video is banned (or gets less airplay) due to its content, it cannot help to promote the song it was made for. If this video was intended to generate controversy in order to get the band attention, and that fails, or backfires, then the video has again failed to accomplish its main purpose. Since the video does not help to promote the song as well as it could, I think this is a bad video. If you really want this video, I would suggest taping it off the television rather than buying this CD single just to see it.

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