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Lilac Time singer Stephen Duffy has teamed up with Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran to create the electronic art-pop of Dark Circles, due for release on July 15th, 2002. Although this might seem an unusual double act, the pair were originally in the same band Duran Duran.

In 1979 Duran Duran featured Nick Rhodes (keyboards and tapes), John Taylor (guitar) and vocalist Stephen Duffy who mixed his F Scott Fitzgerald obsession into New Wave electronic songs propelled by a very primitive drum machine. The line-up changed after only four gigs and Stephen Duffy went on to hone his songwriting skills as a solo singer while Duran Duran discovered a new singer, Simon Le Bon, dreaming up pop classics such as Save A Prayer, Rio, Skin Trade and Ordinary World.

"Stephen's the John Charles of modern pop music (obscure football reference). Or possibly the Alex Chilton we can't quite decide. Like John Charles he's the most gentlemanlike chap in his field but, like Alex Chilton, he's doomed to toil away with virtually no recognition until the day when everybody claims him as a major influence in their career" - Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne, 1993

Rhodes and Duffy met up again a couple of years ago and found themselves discussing the album they would have made as Duran Duran - a New Wave, electronic record that fused all the cutting-edge, pioneering influences from the 70s (Bowie, Kraftwerk, Iggy Pop and Talking Heads) with their love of great songs. Inspired by a tape of their early gigs, the duo locked themselves away in a studio and wrote a whole new album, Dark Circles. The result is a refreshingly modern sounding record, textured with analogue machines but lifted out of the retro ghetto through some timeless songwriting (the beautiful Barbarellas and instantly catchy Come Alive are amongst the highlights) and a cinematic, 21st Century production. Dark Circles is an album born out of youthful enthusiasm, fantastic chemistry and a romantic fascination with the futuristic possibilities of pop music.

track listing:

Memory Palaces (Monks & Drum Machines)
Dark Circles
Big Store
Come Alive
Signals in Smoke
Lost Decade

Aztec Moon
World Exclusive
Hawks Don't Share
Newhaven Dieppe
Tinsel Ritual (Instrumental)

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