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B-Sides bootleg CD

taken from the FireDancer fanzine

Duran Duran B-Sides Bootleg CD

Over the years, one of the most voiced wishes of most fans has been that Duran put out a B-sides collection. It seemed earlier this year, that this wish might be fulfilled with the news that John and Nick were working on such a project. Unfortunately, an official Duran release was not to be. At this point in time, the album, currently titled "Besides Ourselves," has been side-lined until at least the release of the new Duran Duran album.

Although an official release is in the distant future, fans are not completely out of luck. Recently a bootleg album of B-sides has become available to help satisfy the clamor for a Duran B-sides compilation album. It is simply called "Duran Duran B-sides".

The album is not a comprehensive compilation, but it does contain a majority of the B-sides created by Duran during the 80's including the following:

1. Late Bar
2. Fame
3. Khanada
4. Faster Than Light
5. Like An Angel
6. Careless Memories (live)
7. Hold Back The Rain (remix)
8. The Chauffeur (Blue Silver)
9. Faith In This Colour (original slower version)
10. Faith In This Colour

11. Secret Oktober
12. Tiger Tiger (Ian Little remix)
13. (I'm Looking For) Cracks In The Pavement (live)
14. We Need You
15. Grey Lady Of The Sea
16. I Believe/All I Need To Know (medley)
17. Interlude One
18. This Is How A Road Gets Made
19. Drug (Just A State Of Mind) (alternative version)
20. Burning the Ground (plus hidden track)

While this is a solid retrospect of Duran B-sides, there are several changes that should be made to improve the CD. The addition of four tracks would complete the collection: "God", "Decadance", "(Come Up And See Me) Make Me Smile", "To The Shore". To make room for these songs, I would make a few adjustments. First would be the removal of one of the versions of "Faith In This Colour". It is not the best of Duran songs and certainly two copies of it are not necessary. Second, the inclusion of "Grey Lady Of The Sea" creates problems. While "Grey Lady" is a wonderful song, it is not a Duran work, but instead a solo project by Simon. Fairness would suggest the addition of other solo works including John's "I Do What I Do" and Simon's "Follow In My Footsteps. Removing "Grey Lady" would solve the problem and free a little room for other "totally" Duran tracks.

Despite my little problems with the CD, the B-sides album is a great compilation. The bonus track is a gem; I have a feeling, that come Christmas, there will be many a Duranie answering machine singing a very interesting version of Good King Weneslas.

rating: Nine Dancing Ferrets -- Great selection of Duran B-sides. Look for the hidden track; it has to be heard to be believed.

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