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Autodidact EP CD

by Louisa Eastman, Firedancer Editor

John Taylor: Autodidact EP

Autodidact was a surprise release from JT in September of this year. Instead of making us fans wait until sometime in the Spring for his new album to come out he decided to release an EP mixing both the latest technology with the most interesting music he has put together to date.

Track listing:

1. Anon (One Day At A Time)
2. Silent Skin
3. Ode To Richard Prince
4. The Anti-Wife
5. Lonely Child CD-Rom track - Feelings R Good (video by Johnny Boston)

I will say that John needs lyrical help, he only can write one decent lyrical piece of poetry per Album and/or EP, this one takes the form of Silent Skin, a duet he sings with Shayne Blue. It is really a lovely song. The rest of the songs are just as lyrically impaired as his first album. However, this EP has something the album did not, it has a lot more pizzazz. Now don't get me wrong, I liked Feelings are Good for the most part, it was a very good first time effort. However, the music on this is so much better that I can barely say it is the same musician. His voice is weaker on this for some reason, but man the music really rocks.

Along with the music you get John's video for Feelings are Good, previously only released in Europe and Asia, so for all the JT fans out that is way cool!

rating: I give 'Autodidact' a 4 for lyrics, and a 9 for music which averages to about a 7 overall out of 10.

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