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Andy Wickett


A former lead singer with Duran Duran claims he was paid a paltry 600 UK Pounds for the hit that made them famous.

Andy Wickett, now stuggling to make a solo career, left Duran Duran before they hit the big time.

But he claims he wrote the music and most of the words for Girls On Film, the record that later became Duran Duran's first record Top Ten single.

Andy, 23, says: 'The owe their success to me through that record. Even now they still play the song as finale to their concerts. I helped to make them millionaires'.

But Andy says he was only offered 600 UK Pounds and that on condition he would have no further interest in Duran. On average royalties, the group would have made more than 36,000 UK Pounds from the record released in July 1981.

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Press photo, Syndication International 1984


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